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In this High-tech era, Aptos provides creative innovation to meet market’s needs. We keep on researching and developing high-performance, low cost, small size and miniaturization of the packaging to satisfy the demand of 3C products. With Aptos’ professional custom-made packaging technology, continuous research and design we provide various IC chip packages such as memory cards, BGA / LGA, MCP, SiP Module and system products. Aptos aims to provide customer the complete service.

Aptos’ complete IC packaging process specifications and One-Stop-Shopping services help our partners to deliver products to the market on time. Aptos’ competitive advantages are listed below:

1. International Tier 1 companies’ approval
2. Unique molding process with lower cycle time, and earns high quality ranks in the industry
3. Ultra-thin, 8 die stacking and 1mil grinding technology to enhance the competitiveness of market share
4. Professional R & D teams for flexible customized packaging services
5. Continues R & D to keep competitive power, such as the 16 die-stacking technology
6. One-Stop-Shopping services with varies of assembly technologies, as well as flexible services and planning, in order
to satisfy the global market
7. Shorter cycle time to meet customers’ planning shipping schedule
8. Customer-oriented services
9. Completed consultant service to satisfy your needs