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Aptos Technology was founded in March 2006. With its exclusive and unique patent process,
Aptos has expanded into the microSD assembly field. Through continuous innovative
research and development, Aptos has also successfully developed and integrated various
SiP-System in Package technologies and applications in the past few years. In the
future, Aptos will devote itself solidly and steadily to the following objectives with the
expectation to become a leading manufacturer in SiP assembly field.

By applying the management model of specialist managers, Aptos will be dedicated to each and every professional field with integrity and team spirit, in pursuit of perfection, excellency and growth.
Aptos' unique and leading edge is its key to success. Aptos is in hold of the most advanced SiP assembly technology, and is continuously developing system products in order to provide comprehensive customized services.
With its substantial managing experiences, Aptos has installed automatic and high-precision equipment, providing its customers with Total Solution Service with realtime and flexible production. Not only will Aptos significantly shorten process time, it will also raise production yield and product stability.
Aptos is dedicated to be the best by focusing on every single work detail, with the determination to create high quality products to satisfy the customers' needs. With our stable customer base and strong strategic alliances, we actively seek to grow with our customers in order to achieve a win-win situation.

In the future, Aptos will continue to develop its versatile technologies, integrating NAND Flash, wireless communication module, CMOS module, multi-chip stacking and Fan-out Wafer Level Package SIP assembly technologies, in order to explore the unlimited possibility of compact and slim packages and highly integrated system products.